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For over 215 years, HCMA has represented the voice of Hartford County physicians and their patients. We offer not just a wealth of benefits, like networking events, discounts, action alerts and workshops, we also give you and your patients a way to get involved in the fight for the future of health care.

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Don't be left behind! Find out the latest news, whether it's a policy change, a contract change, billing and coding news and alerts or anything else that affects the way you practice medicine.

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HCMA's Event Calendar includes a variety of valuable seminars and events. Our goal is to offer our physician members and their staffs the knowledge and resources necessary to manage a successful practice.

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Looking for a doctor who supports quality patient care? Search our directory of HCMA members for a physician in your community. You can search by speciality or geographic location.

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About HCMA

Board of Directors Community Health Medical Review
Bylaws Finance Membership
Communications Insurance Benefits Delegates/Alternate Delegates


Board of Directors

By virtue of their offices, the following shall be voting ex officio members of the Board of Directors: President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Councilor, Associate Councilors, and the chairs of all standing committees. The President shall be the presiding officer of the Board.  In addition, the immediate past president shall serve for one year as a voting ex officio member of the Board of Directors.

1. The Board of Directors shall have the power to act for The Association between the regular meetings of that body and shall report such actions to The Association at its next meeting.

2. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the supervision and direction of The Association's financial affairs. It will submit to The Association an annual budget.

3. With the exception of the officers, (as defined in Article IV, Section 1, Paragraph 1 of the Bylaws), and the immediate past President, no member of the Board shall serve for more than six consecutive years.

4. Unless otherwise specified in these bylaws, in the event a vacancy occurs in any elective office or elective position, the Board of Directors shall appoint a successor to fill the vacancy for such unexpired portion of the term as may precede the next Annual Meeting of The Association; any remaining unexpired portion of the term shall be filled by election of The Association at said Annual Meeting.

Bylaws Committee

Considers all matters concerning the bylaws, as amended, and shall review any proposed changes. Any changes recommended by the Committee shall be referred to the Board of Directors.

Communications Committee

Advises and oversees the conveyance of information to the members, both within HCMA and to the news media and general public.

Community Health Committee

Represents the Association in all matters pertaining to community health information. It shall inform the Association and make information available to its members on community health matters. Shall serve as the liaison between the Association and other groups interested in improving and making available health care within the county.


Advises the Board on all matters related to the Association’s income, expenses, and investments.

Insurance Benefits Committee

Supervises and oversees the selection and administration of all insurance coverage offered under HCMA. With the consultation and approval of the Board of Directors, the committee shall be authorized to enter into contracts and/or agreements with insurance carriers and/or agents.

Medical Review Committee

Engages in peer review activities and inquiries brought to its attention by the public, members, or institutions, through substantiated information regarding fees, medical care or the efficiency of services ordered or performed by physicians in Hartford County.

Membership Committee

Responsible for all matters pertaining to membership development and retention, credentialing, orientation and indoctrination for provisory members.

Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the Connecticut State Medical Society

Delegates represent HCMA at the annual meetings of the Connecticut State Medical Society's House of Delegates. Alternate delegates are called upon to fill in for a Delegate who is unable to attend a meeting of the House of Delegates.

If you would like more information on any of these committees, please call Barbara King, Managing Director at (203) 441-6142, ext. 2, or by email to bking.hcma@gmail.com.
We encourage you to participate in the work of your medical associations. We believe that in these difficult times for medicine, there is a need for new members to join us and share their thoughts and ideas on how we can address the many issues facing physicians and their patients in Connecticut.

The following is a form for you to complete indicating your specific interests. We are very grateful for your continued support of our medical associations and hope that you will consider joining your colleagues who volunteer to work for you through organized medicine.


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