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For over 215 years, HCMA has represented the voice of Hartford County physicians and their patients. We offer not just a wealth of benefits, like networking events, discounts, action alerts and workshops, we also give you and your patients a way to get involved in the fight for the future of health care.

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Letter To Our Patients

We are the physicians of Hartford County who care for you and your family. In the 221 year history of our organization, the practice of medicine has gone through many changes. There have been few times over the past two centuries when the need to address problems in the system have been more pressing than today. Thank you for visiting our website and allowing us to share our concerns.

We learn regularly through the media that there are problems of access, quality and cost that are plaguing American healthcare. Of these, a looming deficit of doctors in Connecticut in a number of specialties threatens access to care and makes our State unusual compared to other sections of the country.

The United States of America spends far more per capita on health care than any other country in the world. We excel in providing care for intricate and complex conditions, yet are not able to provide access to this care for all who need them.

Indeed, for the 46 million Americans who do not have health insurance, we often do not provide health care befitting a developed economy. In the year 2007, 326,000 Connecticut residents did not have health coverage including 43,000 children. We care for these people every day, whether they are able to pay for their care or not, but often in the emergency setting.

Even those fortunate enough to be covered by health insurance plans have increasing difficulty in obtaining access to health care. This is due to a variety of reasons including changes in the physician work force in the State of Connecticut which are likely to intensify over the next several years.

As your caregivers we are concerned about the prospects of decline in your access to quality health care. We want to inform you about the reasons for the same. Please browse through the adjoining summaries and if you wish further information, link to the references at the end of each summary.

Please call our office any time to share your observations as well.


The Physicians of Hartford County Medical Association